Ladle Slide Gate Mechanism


Product NameFlow control sliding mechanism seriesDescription:In order to adapt to different ladle and different production environment, our company have improved the shortcomings of traditional sliding mechanism, forming a unique series of sliding mechanism and related supporting products. The main characters are small space occupied, upper and lower slide plates

Ladle – Inner Nozzles


Product Name Inner Nozzles  Description: The product formula of upper nozzle is  independently developed by our company, using the tabular corundum, white corundum, silicon carbide, metallic al , high quality magnesite as the main raw material, choosing good oxidation resistance flake graphite carbon source, adding a small quantity of antioxidants to

Ladle – Magnesia Carbon Bricks


Product Name MgO Carbon Brick for Ladle Refractories Bricks Description Magnesia Carbon brick is resin bonded, made from dead-burned or fused magnesia and graphite under proper temperature, finished after heat treatment. Addition of anti-oxidant such as metal and carbide are often being used to improve its oxidation resistance and high temperature

Corundum Self Flow Castable


Product Name Corundum Self Flow Castable Description: Corundum self-flowing castable are mainly used for the bottom of ladle, with fused white corundum as the main material, suitable micro-powder and dosage, the amount of cement is controlled at 3-4%, a small amount of anti-explosive agent and dispersant are added. The corundum ladle