EAF – Magnesia Ramming Mass


Product Name Magnesia Ramming Mass Description Magnesia ramming mixes consist of refractory aggregates and a semi-plastic bonding phase.  When properly installed, ramming mixes offer a way of placing a cementless monolithic lining at high density and relatively low porosity. A well-balanced selection of ramming materials includes compositions with base materials of

EAF – Magnesia Gunning Mix


Product Name Magnesia Gunning Mix Description Magnesia gunning mixes MG series are made from magnesia or magnesia together with magnesia-dolomite clinker. With the addition of compound binder, they are produced as per the optimized grain sizing. The products have the properties of high adhesive strength and good resistance to erosion and

EAF – Magnesia Carbon Bricks


Product Name MgO Carbon Brick for Electric Arc Furnace Description Magnesia Carbon brick is resin bonded, made from dead-burned or fused magnesia and graphite under proper temperature, finished after heat treatment. Addition of anti-oxidant such as metal and carbide are often being used to improve its oxidation resistance and

EAF – Magnesia Bricks


Product Name Fired Magnesia Brick Description SH-MZ SERIES, is made from high quality magnesia ore of different MgO Content. The engineering of higher MgO content and burning temperature delivers more periclase crystal direct bonding of the products, better corrosion resistance and achieving better performance. SH-DMZ SERIES is Electro Fused Magnesia brick

Eccentric Bottom Tap-hole (EBT)


Product Name Eccentric Bottom Tap-hole (EBT)   SURROUND BLOCK,    END BLOCK,    END BLOCK INNER SEGMENT,    INNER SEGMENT Description SH Refractories has years of experience in creating refractory solutions to resist these extreme stresses, Our engineered material for EBT has achieve excellent wear characteristics and providing superb furnace availability. Composition