Project Description

Product Name Tundish Nozzle
Description: SH Refractories manufactures a comprehensive range of high performance Zirconia Tundish Metering Nozzles used mainly in the continuous casting of steel billets. Tundish Nozzles usually comprise a zirconia inner nozzle (often referred to as a zirconia insert with a lower grade outer body such as Alumina, Zircon or Bauxite. Solid ZrO2 type or Composite type Alumina+ZrO2 type nozzles are available to help customers to achieve best performance in Tundish Metallurgical Flow Control.
Features Ø  Solid Zirconia Nozzle for Metallurgy
Ø  Composite Alumina Carbon + Zirconia nozzle for Metallurgy
Ø  Fine Zirconia Ceramic for Power Metallurgy
Chemical and Physical Properties Zirconia metering (sizing) nozzle outer composite tundish nozzle
ZrO2,% 96 95
MgO,% 2.40 -3.3 2.4 -3.3 96
Al2O3,% 0.02 0.40 97
Fe2O3,% 0.02 0.04 0.1 0.7
Si2O3,% 0.3 0.6 0.2 0.8
A.P.,%   max 2 – 4 5 – 7
C.C.S.,   MPa  min 130 130
B.D.,g/cm3 4 – 5 2 – 5

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