Project Description

Product Name Lower Nozzles 
Description: The product formula of lower nozzle is  independently developed by our company, using the tabular corundum, white corundum, mullite as the main raw carbon material, choosing good oxidation resistance flake graphite carbon source, adding metallic al powder and si powder and other additives to improve the high temperature resistance, phenolic resin with high solid content and high carbon residue as binder, integrating with steel shell or molding the body separately with high pressure.
Features Ø Good volume stability, excellent thermal shock resistance
Ø High temperature rupture strength, good thermal shock resistance,
Ø Small reaming, good corrosion resistance
Ø Wide adaptability and safe use.
Slide gate Nozzle MgO Al2O3 CaO C Bulk Density
Apparent Porosity (%)
Lower Nozzle BN-9C 76 8 2.95 5
BN-9A 68 6 2.70 9
BN-14 80 5.5 3.01 6.5
BN-14A 73 8 2.67 6
BN-34A 85 5 2.97 7
BN95CA 96.5 1.5 3.2 13
BN90CMA 90 1.5 3.16 13
GJZ-4 88 1.5 3.07 14

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