Project Description

Product Name Inner Nozzles 
Description: The product formula of upper nozzle is  independently developed by our company, using the tabular corundum, white corundum, silicon carbide, metallic al , high quality magnesite as the main raw material, choosing good oxidation resistance flake graphite carbon source, adding a small quantity of antioxidants to improve oxidation resistance, phenolic resin with high solid content and high carbon residue as binder, immersion treatment can be performed according to the working conditions after high pressure molding.
Features Ø Good thermal shock resistance, high temperature strength, strong erosion resistance,
Ø strong scouring resistance long service life, widely applicable to various steel.
Slide gate Nozzle MgO Al2O3 CaO C Bulk Density
Apparent Porosity (%)
Inner Nozzle TN-5D 83 8 3.04 9
TN-9C 76 8 2.95 5
TN-32B-2 90 4.5 3.03 7
TN-34A 85 5 3.0 6
TN-129 88 6.5 3.1 7
TN-LMT 67 4.5 3.05 4
TN95CA 96.5 1.5 12
TN90CMA 90 1.5 12

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