Project Description

Product Name Delta Castable for EAF Roof
Description Shenghe Refractories has engineered the Delta castable for EAF Delta to achieve highest refractoriness in a wide range of operating conditions including thermal shock, steel slag washing and gas attack, high-temperature radiation and the air abrasion caused by dust flow. Delta Castable is produced by ultrafine powder technology, high-quality binders and additives, and the precise distribution of the grain size to meet with different customers’ needs.
Features Ø  Good thermal shock resistance
Ø  Good volume stability and long service life
Ø  Excellent in erosion and corrosion resistance
Ø  High temperature impact from electrodes
Ø  High temperature radiation during melting and treatment of steel
Ø  Suitable for normal EAF, Ultra High Power EAF, Refining Furnace and VD Furnace Roof
Ø  Pre-cast Delta roof can be tailor made accordingly to customer specifications.
Packaging 25kg Moisture Resistant Bags packed in 1T Jumbo Bag
Shelf Life 6 months
Properties SH-DC82
Al2O3 % ≥82
Fe2O3 % 1
SiO2 % 9.1
TiO2 % 1.5
CaO % 1.4
Na2O+K2O+LOI % 0.5
MgO % 4.5
Grain Size mm 0 – 6
Bulk Density
After Drying at  100
gm/cc Min ≥ 2.90
Cold Crushing Strength after heating to 110℃ x 24h 500Kg/ min
1110℃ x 3h 650Kg/ min
1600℃ x 3h 750Kg/ min
Modulus of Rapture after heating to 110℃ x 24h 150Kg/
1110℃ x 3h 160Kg/
1600℃ x 3h 190Kg/
Permanent Linear Change (%) 1600℃ x 3h +/- 1.5 Max
Water addition per 100kg 5.0 – 7.0 L
Method of Installation Vibration Casting

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